First Italian chef awarded the Golden Lion

Enzo Fiore crowned Disciple of Escoffier

In 2022, Enzo Fiore also been crowned ‘Disciple of Escoffier’ a very important international association that respect the culinary history & encourage the continual evolution of the food.

More about Disciple of Escoffier

The Disciples of Auguste Escoffier were created in 1954 by Jean Ducroux, chef de cuisine in Nice, former student of Auguste Escoffier and President of the Fraternelle des cuisiniers de Nice. A first chapter took place in April 1963 in Nice.
The first President of the Association was Pierre Sauvan followed by Presidents Jean Ducroux, Henri Ricottier and Tony Fighera.
The Disciples of Auguste Escoffier then developed throughout France and abroad.
In the early 2000s, under the chairmanship of Jean-Claude Guillon, head of the Grand Hotel du Cap Ferrat, a new development took shape with the new Secretary General Bernard-Louis Jaunet, Paule Neyrat and the Conseil Magistral.
They undertook together to rebuild a dynamic, well-structured association, bringing together all the French and foreign delegations under one banner.

Bringing together chefs from around the world, professionals in the kitchen and the dining room, quality producers and gourmets: the very concept of the association had sprouted in the mind of Auguste Escoffier.

In 1912, he created "La Ligue des Gourmands" and launched the "Epicure dinners" already of a charitable nature.
In 1928, at the 1st congress in Paris of the World Association of Chefs' Societies (WACS), Auguste Escoffier was elected Honorary President. 
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