First Italian chef awarded the Golden Lion

Celebrating Excellence: Enzo Fiore’s Golden Journey

A Year of Triumphs 🌟🏆🥇

In the world of culinary arts, excellence is a pursuit that knows no bounds. At Enzo Fiore Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria O’ Curniciello, this journey towards culinary perfection has been nothing short of spectacular. One year ago, we embarked on an exceptional voyage that forever changed the course of our restaurant’s history.

Enzo Fiore, our esteemed chef and visionary, achieved a feat that left the world in awe. He became the first chef in the world to be awarded the prestigious Star Chef Lion Golden🌟🏆🥇. This remarkable achievement was a testament to his unwavering dedication, culinary brilliance, and unrelenting passion for the art of cooking.

The Journey Continues 🚀

But the surprises don’t end there! Yesterday, Enzo Fiore had the immense joy of receiving the sash as the delegate award for the entire England from the Star Chef Lion Golden🌟🏆🥇. It’s a recognition that fills him with pride and motivates him to continue giving his best in his profession.

This accolade is not just a personal triumph; it’s a celebration of the culinary excellence that Enzo Fiore Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria O’ Curniciello consistently delivers to its patrons.

A Shared Triumph 🌟🏆🥇

Enzo Fiore didn’t go alone to receive this important recognition. He had the honour of bringing a small delegation of chefs from the APCI UK association with him. This gesture underscores his commitment to nurturing talent within the culinary community.

We want to sincerely thank Chef Giuseppe Prestigiacomo and Chef Marco Marinelli, who received the sash, pin, and parchment of Star Chef Lion Golden as a recognition for their excellence and dedication as Italian Chefs in UK🏅🏆🎖.

Furthermore, we would like to extend a special thanks to Director Francesca Dassori, who was awarded a parchment for her exceptional merits🏆🏅🎖.

Gratitude Beyond Words 🙏

Finally, heartfelt thanks to President Candelaresi Sileno and the magnificent Tina White for their constant support and for believing in Chef Enzo Fiore’s abilities. We are truly fortunate to have such special people in our lives.

Thank you all for your support and affection. These awards are the result of hard work, passion, and love that Chef Enzo Fiore puts into his profession. We look forward to sharing new culinary adventures with you and continuing to pursue our passion for the art of cooking. 🍽️✨

Protecting Our Legacy 🍕🍝

As we bask in the glow of these remarkable achievements, we want to take a moment to address an important matter. Enzo Fiore Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria O’ Curniciello is not a franchising or a chain. Our restaurant is unique and exclusive to Lancing, situated at 6-7 Queensway.

We urge all our valued customers to beware of any imitations, uses of our brand, or the name of our chef, Enzo Fiore. Our commitment to authenticity and quality is unwavering, and we want to ensure that your dining experience with us remains truly exceptional.

Join Us on this Culinary Journey 🌟

At Enzo Fiore Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria O’ Curniciello, every dish is a labor of love, and every meal is an unforgettable experience. Join us as we celebrate these prestigious awards and continue to create memorable culinary moments for all our patrons.